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Berlin’s best burger joints

Let's go the whole hog: this 30 centimetre burger comprises three patties, ample onion rings, cheese and bacon. If that doesn't fill you up, you can add sweet potato chips and chili cheese fries.
Let's go the whole hog: this 30 centimetre burger comprises three patties, ample onion rings, cheese and bacon. If that doesn't fill you up, you can add sweet potato chips and chili cheese fries.
They keep springing up like mushrooms: new burger restaurants in Berlin. Where you savour your bun and patty is almost a question of faith. Here are our favourites for an ample burger feast.

Rebel Room (Wedding)

Rebel Room moved into the small kiosk on Seestraße, a listed building, in 2013. Prepare for a queue, even though this is a kebab-dominated area. The burgers are worth it, from the home-baked organic sesame buns to the homemade sauces. Our favourite? The Rebel Burger (7 Euros). The grilled steer patty is accompanied by cheddar cheese, roast onions, Rebel sauce and fresh pepper. And here is the good news for those unwilling to queue: The Rebels do deliver to your doorstep.
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Piri’s Chicken Burgers (Kreuzberg)

Piri’s does offer beef and tofu burgers, but otherwise it’s all about poultry really. But no matter whether you opt for a chicken burger with aioli, iceberg lettuce, Piri sauce and cheese (5 Euros) or a cheeseburger with beef, braised red onions and gherkin (6,50 Euros) – the main question is: how hot shall it be? Sauces are either „mild“, „hot“ or „traumatic“. If you aren’t sure what suits you best, simply ask the waiter who is happy to elucidate the different degrees of hot-ness. Be aware that you can’t book tables in Piri’s, but they do offer doorstep delivery.
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Tommi’s Burger Joint (Mitte)

Tommi started his Burger Joint chain in Iceland, where the smart businessman and burger aficionado hails from. Soon it was so successful that he opened more joints in London, Copenhagen and Berlin. It is no wonder his concept catches on in Invalidenstraße, too: At Tommi’s you can assemble your burger yourself. And Berliners value their individuality! But never mind if you don’t like to be creative when ordering a burger: you can simply choose a classic cheeseburger (6,75 Euros) or the Veggie Burger (6,25 Euros) as well.
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Burgermeister (Kreuzberg)

Times when this joint at Schlesisches Tor was only known to insiders are long gone. Kreuzbergers have trusted in the quality and taste of the food for years. Besides a classic hamburger you can also choose the BBQ burger or chili cheese fries. Also highly recommended: the „Meistaburger“ with ample meat, fried onions, mustard, bacon and BBQ sauce. Vegetarians opt for the tofu burger or homemade chips with warm cheese or mango curry sauce.
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Burgeramt (Friedrichshain)

In this ever busy place in Friedrichshain, solely fresh steer meat is used for the over 20 types of burgers. Besides the classic ones the menu also includes burgers with exotic home-made toppings like peanut sauce, rocket and pesto, pomegranate vinegar or Tzatziki. Of course there are vegetarian versions with a veggie patty or halloumi cheese. A must for all burger fans!
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Volta Burger (Wedding)

From the outside, the pavilion at Voltastraße underground station does not indicate what great restaurant hides behind its walls. People who find their way into Volta nevertheless will enjoy the modern, tasty cuisine all the more. The menu changes from time to time, but one classic never does: the Volta burger with chips (13 Euros). The patty is made of 100% beef, topped with BBQ sauce, cheddar, bacon and fried onion rings.
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Juleps Burger (Charlottenburg)

In this American-style restaurant guests should not skip past the small, but fine burger selection in the menu. The patties are grilled on the lava stone and supplemented by home-made chips, organic bun, salad, tomato and dill pickle. Guests have the choice between the 200 gram Deluxe burger or the 180 gram „all beef“ version (15 / 13 Euros). You don’t fancy beef? Try the „Chicken Clubhouse“ or the „Grilled Salmon“ with lemon-caper-mayo (14 / 15 Euros)!
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BBI – BerlinBurger International (Neukölln)

„Follow your stomach rumbles, listen to the voice from the loudspeaker and get ready to send your palate on a special trip.“ Burger aficionados follow this invitation to Pannierstraße in droves. Simply sinking your teeth into the food is not an option though. Ingredients are piled up high on the bun. Obviously you can choose between different combinations: there is „El Gordonita“ with 190 grams of beef, guacamole, sweet potato, bacon, cheddar and aioli (8,50 Euros), „Drei-Käse-Hoch“ (literally: three levels of cheese, 6,90 Euros) or the monthly alternating Special Burger, „which is pushing the limits of taste“, as BBI tell us. You can’t really go wrong here. The only downside: sometimes it is hard to get a seat. Good that they are offering doorstep delivery now.
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The Bird (Prenzlauer Berg)

A full 250 grams of Black Angus beef, combined with guacamole and salsa (12,50 Euros) or buffalo mozzarella with tomato sauce (14 Euros) – The Bird at Falkplatz is the mother of all burger joints. There is not much chance of getting a table without a reservation and the vibrant place is not exactly ideal for a romantic dinner for two either. Meat lovers will love it though. The premium beef is served with a huge helping of hand-cut chips and home-made sauces. Add a tasty beer from the international drinks menu to the XXL size patty – there is your perfect evening. The second Berlin branch is in Neukölln, even though it is called „The Bird Xberg“ on their website.
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Lily Burger (Kreuzberg)

Lily is the right burger joint if you are aiming high. There is a 30 centimetre version for 39,90 Euros (feeds at least three people) and even a 70 centimetre one for 199 Euros (for at least ten hungry mouths). They use dry aged, organic Black Angus beef from a small organic farm just outside of Berlin. Rap star Sido recently called their burgers the best ones in Berlin on Instagram. Obviously Lily caters for veggies and vegans, too: you can select Falafel, Halloumi cheese, Mozzarella, aubergine and more for your gluten-free or regular buns.
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Hirsch & Eber (Prenzlauer Berg)

For a long time, the team behind Hirsch & Eber was a common sight at various street food markets in the city. Now they also have their own joint in Kollwitzstraße. As the name suggests they only serve tasty game from the region, for example Flämisch boar. Between the buns you will also find goodies like home-made port onions or candied walnuts with pear and lingonberry sauce (from 6,90 Euros). Yummy!
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Zsa Zsa Burger (Schöneberg)

What a choice: lamb tenderloin with curry dip (11,40 Euros), roast duck with plum sauce (11,80 Euros) or beef burger with figs, goat cheese and thyme honey (13,40 Euros). You can also pick your favourite buns: white or whole-grain. The different burger dishes are served American style with chips, salad, tomato, onions, gherkin and cole slaw. You have to assemble it yourself though. The QIEZ tip: If you are still up for dessert afterwards, try the apple and cranberry crumble with vanilla ice.
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The Pub (Mitte)

It’s pretty much essential to book a table in this pub in Rochstraße if you like to try one of the dozen or so burger meals. They put the meat through the grinder on site and barbecue it afterwards. It is obtained from Angus cattle from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, also called „Elberinder“ (Elbe cattle) – a regional organic product. The buns are baked freshly every day. Furthermore the Czech pub chain offers burgers with a British touch: The Pub Burger comes with sauerkraut, home-made gravy, British cheddar and bacon (13,50 Euros), the British Royal with rich Stilton and gravy (14 Euros). As a pretty special feature, in The Pub every table has its own tap.
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Hans im Glück (Mitte)

Few other joints offer so much choice for vegetarians: ten different burgers for 7,80 or 8,90 Euros. Granted, meat lovers might prefer other places. But veggies have the right to enjoy a good burger, too! Furthermore, the food is served in a really extraordinary atmosphere. At Hans im Glück guests sit in the middle of a small birch grove. There are other branches of this restaurant in Moabit and Steglitz.
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Burgers & Hip Hop (Kreuzberg)

Last but not least a tip for all those who think a boisterous party night and a tasty burger belong together: „Burgers & Hip Hop“ is a regular event at Prince Charles club combining a great party with top class fast food. Alternating burger flippers satisfy the crowd with interesting specials. Chances are that you‘ll find a Ramen burger or the new old classic pulled pork on the menu.
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Rebel Room Burger, Seestraße 93, 13347 Berlin

Telefon 030 25011945

Montag bis Sonntag 11:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

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