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Top 10: Breakfast and Brunch in Berlin

Frühstück und Brunch: Avocados, Obst, Müsli, Beeren und Honig.
Some call it breakfast, others call it brunch: We love the most important meal of the day!
Whether you prefer a classic brekkie or something a little different, the main thing is that the food is good quality and the atmosphere is great. We’ve picked out the best spots for breakfast and brunch in Berlin just for you.

Le Bon (Kreuzberg)

The breakfast at this place has recently become so popular that the owners have had to build an extension to accommodate the morning rush! Luckily there’s also a little terrace, overhung by trees, where you can sit in the summer. If you fancy a traditional German breakfast of cheese, cold meat and boiled eggs, you should maybe go elsewhere. On the menu you’ll find the new generation of breakfast classics: avocado toast, Eggs Benedict with homemade muffins or Shakshuka (eggs in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, with chickpeas, sesame sauce and coriander-mint salad). There are also tasty treats for those with a sweet tooth, like banana bread with jam, or caramelised grapefruit with ginger and mint. All in all: if you’re looking for some top Insta material, this is the place for you.
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Datscha (Friedrichshain)

The Russian word Datscha means a summerhouse in the countryside. Friedrichshain’s very own Datscha has a changing atmosphere, which varies between rustic and retro. Alongside the classics (such as scrambled eggs or a cheese platter), there are also Russian-inspired breakfast variations: pancakes with sour cream, fruit and jam; smoked salmon and scrambled eggs; blinis with salmon caviar; and tartare sauce with herring and horseradish. Little tip for you: Datscha has now also opened up in Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg!
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Roamers (Neukölln)

We can confidently say that Roamers is one of the coolest spots in Neukölln. Beards and tattoos aplenty, unconventional rustic furniture and a weakness for succulents as interior (which have recently been experiencing a comeback). But it would be doing Roamers a disservice to reduce it to just this. The breakfast options are stunning. To be honest, they are such a feast for the eyes that we should almost call them pieces of art. There’s always a different creation on offer. Most are served on a wooden board and decorated with fresh herbs or even flowers. For example: fried eggs with elderflower, mushrooms, caramelised goats’ cheese, avocado and a small salad. The owners know how to present it all perfectly: They are true masters of Facebook and Insta! For this reason, Roamers is unfortunately no longer an insiders’ tip!
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Silo Coffee (Friedrichshain)

This coffee bar near Boxhagener Platz doesn’t just serve top quality coffee (which is roasted in-house) but also sweet and savoury breakfast: for example oven-baked pancakes, presented in a little iron pan with berries, maple syrup and mascarpone. Oh, and we definitely shouldn’t forget to mention the avocado toast: it’s a must-try. What’s especially great is that you can put your own breakfast together. Take poached eggs with toast for example, then combine that with baked beans, goats’ cheese, mushrooms or avocado. Where possible, the ingredients come from local producers: from Ökodorf Brodowin (an eco-village near the Polish border) or from Markthalle Neun (Kreuzberg’s most famous market hall), for example.
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A Never Ending Love Story (Charlottenburg)

Candy-coloured walls meet heavy, rustic wooden tables – in this trendy cafe in Charlottenburg, young West Berliners feel right at home. On the breakfast menu, there are classics like pancakes or different variations on your basic scrambled eggs. And if you fancy some zesty guacamole, healthy smoothies or hip chia bowls, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here. One thing is clear: the food here is right up there with that of its sister-café What do you fancy love?. Yep, we’re definitely not falling out of love with this place any time soon!
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Café Ora (Kreuzberg)

Until recently, Ora was still a pharmacy which looked totally out of place in the modern world: complete with conical flasks and antiquated porcelain containers on heavy, elaborately-designed wooden shelves. When the chemists retired, the new tenants kept the old design to use for their brand-new brasserie. What a good move! The result is a really atmospheric interior concept, somewhere between a Viennese coffeehouse and a Parisian bistro. The selection is pretty basic, from French toast to poached eggs, but everything is done well. The sourdough bread is especially worth a recommendation.
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Benedict Berlin (Wilmersdorf)

Benedict’s Tel Aviv branch is a super popular breakfast hotspot: It’s always packed and is open round the clock. Now Berlin has its very own version of Benedict: the first of its kind outside of Israel. Whether day or night, it’s all about breakfast here. Of course there are different variations on the classic Eggs Benedict  – after which the place is named  –  for example with smoked salmon, with mushrooms or with shrimp and asparagus. Other than that, there is a completely international selection: Every regional speciality is included, from Spanish frittatas to Vietnamese omelettes. There’s also a typical Israeli breakfast, with eggs, feta cheese and tuna salad.
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Zuckerfee (Prenzlauer Berg)

First port of call for anyone with a sweet tooth! If a breakfast option has something sugary as its main ingredient, chances are it’s on the menu here. Zuckerfee literally translates as The Sugarplum Fairy and definitely lives up to its name: pancakes and warm blueberries as well as scrambled eggs and bacon are on offer. And if that’s not enough to sate your appetite, you can order yourself tasty homemade cake, waffles or hot chocolate. Or simply dip into the sweetie jar on the counter. The decoration perfectly suits the concept: Golden details, pastel-coloured walls and ornate chandeliers give this place a real living-room feel.
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House of Small Wonder (Mitte)

The concept was born in New York, where the first House of Small Wonder opened up in the trendy district of Williamsburg. The Berlin branch is a really quaint little place, somewhat hidden, accessible via a spiral staircase, super light, and decorated with green plants and floral wallpaper. It feels a bit like an idyllic garden patio. And the culinary side of it: breakfast, brunch and lunch is served – and everything has a strong Japanese influence. For example, eggs with yoghurt scones and wasabi Hollandaise sauce.
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Café Einstein Stammhaus (Tiergarten)

Berlin was once famous for its classic coffeehouse culture. But there’s not much of that left these days. One of the few places which upholds the good old coffeehouse tradition is Café Einstein, decorated in a Viennese style. In this magnificent Neo-Renaissance villa, you can start the day in style with a typical Viennese coffee, served by finely-dressed waiters. Sit in comfort with the daily paper (hot off the press, of course) and enjoy a breakfast platter with salmon, cheese, goats’ cheese, fruit and eggs. Or if you’re not quite so hungry, you can try out the Viennese Breakfast with two rolls, butter, apricot jam and eggs. The word “classy” perfectly sums up this place.
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This article was first published in German.

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