yamyam Berlin-Mitte

The best restaurants in Berlin Mitte

If there is such a thing as paradise for international gourmets, it must be in Berlin-Mitte (city centre). Whether French, … mehr Mitte


Jigger Beaker & Glass Bar Berlin-Friedrichshain

Great Bars in Friedrichshain

When the words "bar" and "Friedrichshain" are mentioned in one sentence, "Simon-Dach-Straße" often follows soon after. … mehr Friedrichshain


Breakfast at Fellfisch in Neukölln, Berlin

10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Neukölln

Neukölln – "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," Germans tend to say. A nice atmosphere, tranquility and good … mehr Neukölln



10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Kreuzberg

Who likes to take care of dishing up after a long night out? That's why a trendy area with a vibrant nightlife needs quite … mehr Kreuzberg


30cm Burger with sweet potato chips and chili cheese fries

Berlin’s best burger joints

They keep springing up like mushrooms: new burger restaurants in Berlin. Where you savour your bun and patty is almost a … mehr Berlin


British shops Berlin

Shopping and eating British in Berlin

After World War II Great Britain took control of the Berlin districts of Spandau, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and … mehr Berlin


Märkisches Museum Neu-Kölln Berlin

10 Museums showing the history of Berlin

Berlin just breathes history. Since today’s German capital evolved into a metropolis under Frederick "the Great", it has … mehr Berlin


Hostel Graffiti

The best hostels in Berlin

Berlin is the city of cheap accommodation. For low Euro double figures you can already book a bed in a hostel dorm. The … mehr Berlin


Brunch Buffet

10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Berlin

Sleeping in late and then spoiling oneself with a decadent brunch is music to many ears. No surprise that Berlin’s cafés … mehr Berlin



Berlin International

Germany’s capital is becoming increasingly international. We have collected our best recommendations for those who are … mehr Berlin

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