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10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Neukölln

That's how a full-fledged breakfast should look like! Don't mind the bones, they are only deco and belong to the concept of Fellfisch. Out of them right next door jewelry is being manufactured.
That's how a full-fledged breakfast should look like! Don't mind the bones, they are only deco and belong to the concept of Fellfisch. Out of them right next door jewelry is being manufactured.
Neukölln – "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," Germans tend to say. A nice atmosphere, tranquility and good companionship are equally important as the food itself. Here is our top ten list for amazing breakfast locations in Neukölln.

Café Engels

Café Engels is a little gem right next to Tempelhofer Feld. Chalkboards on the unmanufactured walls will tell you all about the big range of drinks and wine that the place offers. But the big frenzy is actually their Sunday brunch. Cheese, cold meat, salmon, scrambled eggs, vegan pastes, antipasti, fruits and desserts are always available at a long buffet table. Additionally, you can choose between different soups and varying cold and hot dishes from all over the world. On weekdays the café offers nicely arranged plates with lots of fruit and salad garnish as well as different breakfast classics and varying specials – from Mexican to British. Some guests like to take their breakfast while working on their laptops; the back of the café offers „work spaces“ for students and freelancers.
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At LaFemme there are many exquisite varieties for the first meal of the day. The shop is hugely inspired by oriental culture and connoisseurs of Turkish delicacies will definitely get a kick out of it. Sesame rings are especially soft, prices moderate and the cake behind the showcase induces abundant secretion of saliva. Take some time to enjoy the Turkish farmer’s breakfast “Menemen” which will be served with some tea and a nice smile by the friendly staff.
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It doesn’t get hipper than that: Bewhiskered, tattooed men behind the bar, handmade furniture, regional ingredients and – this should be the guest’s main reason to come here – really good, creative food with a hint of California. Some order „Huevos Rancheros“, a spicy Mexican egg dish. Others prefer the crispy bread with avocado or the cereal. The guys at Roamers get it right – a solid social media presence included. From Facebook to Instagram they regularly post professional, appetizing „foodporn“ pics. The result: The tiny café has to contain a steadily growing crowd.
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Breakfast at Ankerklause is from 10 am to 4 pm. The choice of products is so great that they have an extra breakfast menu here. Whether cereal, bagels, French toast or egg dishes – everyone can enjoy the food according to their liking. The Mexican breakfast for 7 Euros is especially popular. It contains tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, jalapenos, salsa, refried beans and guacamole. For those who like to taste original German food „Strammer Max“ with brown bread, raw ham and fried eggs is offered. Located at Maybachufer, guests have a great view onto the water from the patio.
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Café Dritter Raum

This coffee place near Hertzbergplatz offers a sumptuous Saturday and Sunday brunch with lots of homemade antipasti, vegan spreads and salads. Equally popular are the freshly baked pancakes. Standard dishes like scrambled eggs, fruits, cereal and cheese top off the buffet. On weekdays the quaint and little but extraordinary café offers vegan and vegetarian breakfast plates. As a concession meat eaters can order Schwarzwälder ham and bacon that comes with the British breakfast version. Additionally, organic coffee and hot chocolates are being served.
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In 2015 Steven and Nicolas opened their little shop with French cuisine – and the response is more than convincing: By now people are getting in line to be seated at one of the vintage tables and to be able to ask for „one brunch, please“. Behind this is something altogether wonderful: It’s not a buffet but a fine combination of a truly perfect croissant, yoghurt with cereal, baguette with French cheese and a small plat du jour like potato tart with poached eggs. Downright incredible: A hot drink of your choice and freshly squeezed orange juice included, the damage is only 10 Euros. Complimentary are charming furniture that’s typical for Neukölln and a really attentive staff. Classics like eggs benedict as well as lunch and dinner are also recommended. This place is actually too good to give away it’s location!
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Schiller Bar

In the neighborhood of the same name a small Schiller empire is waiting for you: Right next to each other Schiller Bar, Schiller Bäckerei and Schiller Burger offer the proper food no matter what time of day or gusto. In the mornings you can order an open bread roll to go, or find a comfortable seat at the bar of the small bakery. On Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm there is a varied brunch buffet with classics like salmon, eggs, mozzarella, antipasti, desserts and hot dishes of the day. But by a snatch more interesting are the daily specials like the meaty „Weimar“ breakfast with liverwurst, rostbratwurst, salami, mettwurst, ham, pickle salad, fried egg, schmaltz, marmalade and a basket of bread. The egg dishes as well as the homemade „Armer Ritter“ (poor knight) with raisin bread are a great choice, too.
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Café Rix

This café is a mixture of coffee house, restaurant and gallery. It’s affiliated with Heimathafen Neukölln. The breakfast menu at Rix is well-stocked and offers breakfast in all its facets. Highly recommended comes the Lachsfrühstück (salmon breakfast) for 7,80 Euros. Served with the fish are horseradish, toast and scrambled eggs. For the same price you can also get an Italian breakfast version. This one is elegantly decorated and contains Parma ham, Coppa, mortadella, mozzarella and gorgonzola. Three eggs in a glass with toast for 4,50 Euros is a solid choice for Rocky fans and scrimpers.
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Cabslam – The California Breakfast Slam

What originally started as a pop up location, has by now found its permanent home at a corner shop at Innstraße. On weekends the Cabslam is stormed by swarms of hungry hipsters and families. Therefore it can get quite chaotic inside. But once you have tasted the fluffy pancakes with butter, maple syrup and fresh fruits, you will be willing to wait. Not to mention that in this quality they are hard to get elsewhere in Berlin. The other breakfast plates with US to Mexican touch – from breakfast burritos to biscuit sandwiches – are delicious alternatives to a German breakfast. For lunch and dinner burgers and other specials are being served. The staff is pointedly nonchalant and hip, but always polite.
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Fellfisch (closed)

This place in Körnerkiez has recently closed. We are in the middle of searching a new great spot. Fellfisch combines a jewelry workshop with an airy and bright coffee place. Here you can enjoy your breakfast in a relaxed manner and usually without a bigger crowd. Especially wonderful: Almost everything, from toast to marmalade, is homemade. Cheese and cold meat plates are not made from supermarket products, but come in premium-quality. Also recommendable are the scrambled eggs with mushrooms; they are always freshly cooked. And because there are marvelously baked cakes you should at least try a Zimtschnecke (cinnamon roll) with your breakfast. By all means take along a piece of cheesecake for the afternoon! The girly look of the café is interrupted by bones that are subtly placed on walls and on shelfs; they are also manufactured into jewelry here.
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10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin

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