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10 Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Kreuzberg

Fruit, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, eggs: the menus of Kreuzberg's cafés and restaurants are full of breakfast classics and special treats.
Fruit, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, eggs: the menus of Kreuzberg's cafés and restaurants are full of breakfast classics and special treats.
Who likes to take care of dishing up after a long night out? That's why a trendy area with a vibrant nightlife needs quite a few breakfast joints. Fortunately, Kreuzberg boasts a large number of places which open up in time for the first meal of the day. We have picked ten worthwhile destinations.


Gipfeltreffen at Görlitzer Straße, just opposite the correspondent park, woos customers with a large fireplace during the cold season. It makes for a cosy and relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy all the usual breakfast classics. Here, it’s easy to escape everyday stress and indulge in breakfast and the get-together with friends. Highlight of the menu: the Cheddar-Bacon-Organic Egg Sandwich. Gipfeltreffen opens at 9 am during the week and at 10 am on weekends.
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Salon Schmück

This cosy little café on Skalitzer Straße in Kreuzberg serves a diverse and tasty breakfast from 9 am. Whether you prefer the minimalist version – „Mini-Frühstück“ with Schrippe (plain roll), topping and some fruit – or the opulent „Berg-und-Tal-Frühstück“ with a variety of European cheeses and cold cuts, at Salon Schmück they have something to suit everyone’s taste and appetite. Including classics like „Strammer Max“ (bread topped with ham and a fried egg) or American-style pancakes. Order „Fishermans Friend“ and you’ll get pickled salmon, salad, toast and tasty trimmings. In the warmer seasons guests can enjoy their breakfast outside, that is if you don’t mind the traffic noise from Skalitzer Straße.
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„Gerollt“ (rolled), „Gepflückt“ (picked) or „Gewünscht“ (desired): The dishes on Schuchmanns‘ menu are well-structured and accordingly versatile. Order „Gestapeltes“ (piled) and you will get vegan pancakes with maple syrup, bananas and candies walnuts. Even classics like English breakfast bear special names like „Gewunkenes“ (waved, an allusion to the Queen). The plain roll with butter and jam is called „Gebackenes“ (baked). The café is located at Umspannwerk (transformer station) Kreuzberg at Paul-Lincke-Ufer. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am. Breakfast is available until 4 pm. The prices range between 6 and 11 Euros.
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Suess Speisen

This modern café lies at the edge of Graefekiez area on busy Urbanstraße. Therefore Suess Speisen isn’t really suitable for sitting outside, but all the more for having a quality breakfast at a fair price. The owners use seasonal produce without any flavour enhancers. Even though the breakfast menu is not as long as in some other cafés, it changes regularly, is well-compiled and dishes are home-made. We recommend the Brunch a la carte: for 10,50 Euros you get a sophisticated combination of cold and warm elements, often including a soup. Who still wants to queue for the brunch buffet?
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Kaffee A.Horn

At A.Horn, situated directly at Carl-Herz-Ufer, you can relish the view over Landwehrkanal (Landwehr canal) to Böcklerpark. Bike fans enjoy a special breakfast here. The café belongs to one of two brothers. The other one owns the bike shop next door, with an attached workshop. Café and shop are only separated by a large glass pane. If you like you can watch your bike being repaired during breakfast. The menu at A.Horn is short but offers something to suit everyone’s taste, no matter whether you prefer sweet or savoury. Prices start at 5 Euros for a muesli; the grand mixed breakfast platter costs almost 14 Euros.
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This trendy pub at Landwehrkanal is not only packed in the evening. Breakfast enjoys a good reputation, too. At Fuchsbau they serve fresh ingredients, tasty cold cuts and cheese. The trimmings like herbs and salad look appealing, too. That’s why on weekends Fuchsbau is frequented even before noon. If you like to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the beer garden, better get up early!
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The nice location opposite Görlitzer Park is only one of the reasons for a visit at Nest. Another one: they offer low priced breakfast daily from 10 am. The Cheese Breakfast, including quark, home-made jam and a small fruit salad besides the cheese, costs 7 Euros, the mixed platter 7,20 Euros. Classic English breakfast with baked beans, fried egg, bacon, tomato and marmalade is available on Saturdays only for 7,90 Euros. The Sunday brunch buffet is a little more expensive at 14,90 Euros. Children up to 14 years pay 6,90 Euros only. The price is put into perspective anyway when you catch sight of the buffet in all its splendour. Nest is nicely furnished and bright. Still there is nothing like a place at the terrace on a sunny morning in spring or summer.
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Mundvoll is located in Waldemarstraße, Kreuzberg. Typically for the area around „Kotti“ (Kottbusser Tor), breakfast is served until 1, at the weekend even until 3 pm. Only those who like their eggs scrambled or fried should hurry: egg dishes are only served until 12 pm during the week. The breakfast selection is large compared to the rest of the menu: there are small and large versions with cheese, cold cuts or both (7 to 11 Euros). Mundvoll also offers classics like „Strammer Max“ (bread topped with ham and a fried egg), pancakes and Bircher muesli. A vegan breakfast with veggie sticks, home-made veggie spreads, fruit and vegetables is available, too.
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Bastard is the perfect place for late risers. The café is open from 9 am to 4.30 pm and serves breakfast all the time. It is located in a calm and laid-back area of Reichenberger Straße. There is not much distraction from outside besides the school on the other side of the street. The menu includes some small surprises, but also all the classics, vegan and veggie breakfast. Prices are not really surprising: muesli and vanilla quark start at 3 to 4 Euros. Large breakfast platters cost around 13 Euros. Special treat: Not only cakes and other pastries are home-made – they even bake their own bread at Bastard.
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At Mokkabar, breakfast hours are even longer: choose your favourite morning treat from the extensive menu until 5 pm. The cocktail bar-café hybrid is furnished stylishly with a lot of wood and retro wallpaper. Breakfast platters are available for just over 8 Euros. Choose between the savoury classic English version, the Italian one including Parma ham, mozzarella and scrambled eggs, or the Scandinavian one with salmon, scrambled eggs and shrimp. When you have finished your breakfast in the early evening, you can treat yourself to the first cocktail from 6 pm.
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