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Top 10: Vintage and Second-Hand Shops in Berlin

Mädchen mit einer alten Kamera und Vintage-Kleidung
Sure, old cameras look pretty cool. But to complete the vintage look, why not drop by a second-hand store and pick up some one-of-a-kind garms?
Berlin is a treasure trove for fashion followers and fans of second-hand shopping on a tight budget. Want to find out where you can snap up some unique but affordable finds? Look no further: We've got some tips just for you.

Sometimes Coloured (Friedrichshain)

Moth holes and musty piles of clothes? Not here! With its clothes rails and light wood features, this little shop in Friedrichshain looks more like a designer boutique than a second-hand store. The pieces aren’t too outdated, too wacky or too worn, but well-selected and still in pretty good nick. This is a great place to stock up your wardrobe with affordable yet fashionable clothes. Bargain hunters and shopping addicts can pick up tops, trousers and shoes here – sometimes even in bright colours! And perhaps you’ll also find a matching accessory to complete your outfit!
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Dress Code (Kreuzberg)

Shopping here feels a bit like delving through clothes in a private dressing room. Men’s shirts in one spot, blouses and dresses in another, and bags, belts, hats and every possible kind of glitz in another room. But what really makes Dress Code stand out from the crowd is that all the items are of decent quality. So your purchase might cost you a couple of Euros more than your average flea market find, but it’s worth it. In particular, if you’re in the market for shoes, jewellery and accessories, you can find some real gems here.
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Loretta (Prenzlauer Berg)

Jackets, coats, dresses… At Loretta there are lots of lovely things to rummage around for. “Rummaging” is definitely an accurate description of what you do here, for example through the large black wardrobe. The shop is well laid-out: dresses hang in the closet, shoes are in the middle and there are trousers in the adjoining room. And the icing on the cake: Everything is organised by colour! The great thing about Loretta is that it has something for everyone. For those of you with a more eccentric taste in clothes, there’s a lot of pretty wacky garms (like long frilly dresses or glittery jackets). But amongst the large assortment of treasures, there’s also definitely something for those with a more understated fashion sense! The friendly staff members are always happy to help with any questions you may have. It’s worth noting that you can’t pay with credit card here, so bring cash with you.
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Veist Kleidergeschichten (Neukölln)

Veist Kleidergeschichten (Clothes Stories) is not just your average vintage shop, but something most definitely unique. In November 2011, Anna Veit and Sandra Diana Troegl opened their own fashion boutique in Neukölln’s Schiller District. This is where stories are told: most of the pieces have an interesting history behind them, which you can read about on the label. As well as second-hand and vintage clothes, the little shop also has a number of new dresses. The owners accept selected items from customers on a commission basis: the items are given a spot in the store for four weeks and if any of them are sold, the donator of the clothing gets half the selling price back.
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Pick’n Weight (Mitte, Kreuzberg)

Fashion with a completely different concept: your items are weighed and then the price is fixed accordingly. Pick’n Weight is sadly no longer an insider tip: more and more people, especially non-Berliners, flock to the store. There are now two branches in the city centre, which are both bursting at the seams with clothes, shoes and accessories, much like the Kreuzberg shop. Something to bear in mind: probably only those with a more adventurous style will find something to their taste here, because there’s a lot of super vintage clothes and a bunch of really crazy items.
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Rag And Bone Man (Neukölln)

This store is a real mix: it’s a treasure trove for fashion finds, a flower shop and a café all rolled into one! A really beautiful second-hand shop where you can treat yourself to breakfast, do some shopping and even find a little something to bring back for Grandma. It’s no wonder that Berlin fashion bloggers or well-known faces like Charlotte Würdig (German TV show host and actress) have been spotted here. It’s also worth a visit for its interesting living room decorations made out of woven thread. Can’t get enough? Why not take part in one of the workshops which are regularly held in the space?
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 Vintage Berlin (Treptow)

Looking for a shopping spot off the beaten track? Then this store in Karl-Kunger-Straße is just the thing for you. It’s a real paradise for fans of bygone fashion eras. The selection ranges from dresses from the 1920s right up to hippie styles. However, the main focus is on skirts, dresses and blouses from the 50s and 60s. What’s more, there’s a huge range of hats, caps, bags and scarves. The special thing about Vintage Berlin – formerly known as the Schwarze Truhe (Black Trunk) – is that all the items can be bought or just borrowed: perfect for a themed party.
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Sing Blackbird (Neukölln)

Sing Blackbird is a bit of an all-rounder: this beautiful café doesn’t just sell coffee and scones, but also offers really well-kept second-hand fashion from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as vintage items from the 21st century. In addition, there’s a small but decent selection of shoes. What’s even more striking than the clothing is the tasteful decor: classy wooden furniture, black and white wallpaper and hanging lights in bird cages. There’s a system where customers can trade in their own clothes in exchange for a voucher. And once a week, the second-hand shop is transformed into a cinema.
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Made in Berlin (Mitte)

If you’re out and about in Mitte, you should definitely stop by Made in Berlin. The inconspicuous exterior doesn’t do justice to what’s inside: two floors packed full of every imaginable clothing item offer the perfect opportunity for rummaging around for a good find. It’s part of the chain of Pick’n Weight stores, but the concept is that of a normal second-hand shop. Unfortunately, Made in Berlin is no longer a insider tip: Lots of international tourists come by because it’s bang in the middle of the city. Little tip for you: on Tuesdays between 12 and 3pm there’s 20% off everything!
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Soeur (Prenzlauer Berg)

On the clothes rails in this second-hand shop you’ll find labels from big names like Prada and Miu Miu, as well as from French designers. But there are also several quality pieces from brands like Cos, as well as a range of handbags and jewellery. The items are mainly from past seasons in this decade. So this store is worth a look for those who have already found their style and don’t just want to jump on the bandwagon and follow the latest trend. But others will equally appreciate the friendly service and homey atmosphere.
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This article was originally published in German.

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